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Essential Oil Collection - Soaps

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  • Litsea Cubeba - $4.95
  • Lavender Mint - $4.95
  • Rosemary Lavender - $4.95
  • Charred Patchouli - $4.95
  • Serenity - $4.95
  • Mild Lavender - $4.95
  • Peppermint Joy - $4.95
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The following soaps in the Essential Oil Collection are scented with essential oils ONLY (no artificial fragrances):

Litsea Cubeba: Slight sweet, fresh lemon zing.

Lavender Mint: a blend of lavender and peppermint.

Rosemary Lavender: a blend of rosemary and lavender, topped with rosemary leaves as a mild exfoliant.

Charred Patchouli: Deep earthy and woody aroma with slight notes of green and fruit.

Serenity: a blend of ylang ylang and lavender.

Mild Lavender: The floral and herbaceous aroma of a field of lavender.

Peppermint Joy: Cool minty fresh aroma of peppermint. Reminiscent of candy canes.

*Sometimes we change the color schemes of our soaps. Actual soap may look slightly different than pictured.*

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